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Take a look at some of the best tips from our readers in this Hobby Hack round-up! Give those hobby muscles a break, they need it!

We’re going to start off with the oddest, coffee grinds! Well, not really. Ken serves up a pipping hot tip hobby tip by using the charcoal out of a Keurig pod. Nailed it


Next up, Arnstein gives us a cheap and easy to way to transport your models. Magnets. They solve so many of life problems from Transportation, Bullet Trains, to um, Transportation, of models, in a breadbox; basically the same thing.


Mike offers us a tip from the kitchen by “borrowing” his wife’s cookbook stand.

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Peter gives us the next hobby revelation with this mistake remover.


Liquid Paper to fill in the gaps and a brush? So easy. Brilliant!  Bonus, you probably have some liquid paper to steal borrow form your office.

All told, the hobby beasts over on the Spikey Bits Facebook Page unleashed a wave of hobby tips that will level up your game. If you have some, please add them and join the conversation!


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  • Felipe Cintron

    Goliath 4 lyfe! bolt pistols + grenade launcher and melee weapons was the best setup i ever had in necromunda!

    i also played judge arbites (i still have 2 squads of them)

    one campaing we ended with a tyranid attack (gm played nids 2nd edition vs all the gangs banded together.

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