2 vs 2 Chaos Vs Space Marines Team Game: Competitive


Hey there 40K fans, Juice is back with an awesome 2-on-2 team game battle report featuring Chaos vs Space Marines! Check out today’s TLW Battle Report!

Today Juice is teaming up with Luke to run some amazing Traitor Imperial Guard and Chaos Knights against Austin and Jay’s Grey Knight and Squat (featured as Wulfen) force.

Traitor Guard

Those Guardsmen have a TON of artillery, backed up by some super sweet converted Nurgle Knight Titans.

Traitor TanksJuice and Luke’s army is themed on “The Purge” Nurgle Chaos Marine faction.  Looks like these traitors have slipped the leash of their marine masters and are looking for new places to stink up!

Grey Knights

While Juice and Luke are looking to flood the board with cultists, Jay and Austin are taking the opposite approach!  The Grey Knights are fielding a tiny force of just 9 models!  Not to fear, though, three of those are the trio of teleporting Dreadknights!

SquatsRounding out the Imperial force is a small contingent of Squats using the Wulfen rules.  Together these Squats and Grey Knights are prepared t purge the unclean forces of the traitors!


How will this encounter play out?  Check out the full video battle report below to find out if the Traitor forces spread their pestilence across the imperium or if the valiant defenders of mankind are able to purge the traitorous filth before its too late!

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