Daemons for Days: 40k Incursion Showcase

By Felix Fimbres | January 25th, 2019 | Categories: Army Showcase, Top Miniatures, Videos, Warhammer 40k

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Today we’re going to be showcasing a truly amazing studio. These models, painted by Top Miniature Studios are must see! Come take a look!


We’re Blue

These Horrors were painted up blue before Blue Horrors were a thing so that’s super convenient!

Extra bits means more models!

I love how they used the extra nurgling bits to make a complete base. I think it works and it’s ingenious. 20161219-demons-showcase-008

So Much Detail

Screamers aren’t quite the menace to table top society they used to be but I love how well these are painted, just look at that eyeball on the base!20161219-demons-showcase-009

An Amazing Centerpiece

Wow, this center piece is jaw dropping. So much work went into the and I’m so proud to be able to show the off to you guys. It’s just an amazing piece of artwork.20161219-demons-showcase-010

Great Alternate Mini’s

I’m really digging this non-GW counts as Demonettes they look amazing and really round out the army.

Check out the team at Top Miniature Studios over on their site, and get your army quote today!

top miniatures

Top Miniature Studios

There are more amazing models in the video so check it out!

Miniatures Painted For Promotion and Review

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