Forge World Reveals Their New Release Lineup!

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Forge World just released two new jaw dropping minis. Come take a look at the new Mazarall the Butcher and Varag Ghoul Chewer models.




Dim legends and twisted lies surround the rise of Mazarall the Butcher and his path to Khorne’s favour, but all name him a render of mortal flesh and a devourer of Daemons both. Mazarall’s sheer barbarity and unbridled rage have led many to believe him more akin to a mindless blood-forged beast than warlord able to lead armies with cunning and foresight, but this could not be further from the truth, and it is a mistake for which many, mortal and Daemon alike, have paid with their lives.


Mazarall the Butcher, Daemon Prince of Khorne is covered in Khornate symbols, skulls and ornate armour featuring sharp edges and huge spikes, worthy of his rank. His axe, known as Harrow Meat, fuels his blistering rage, adding more and more attacks with every kill. Not only is he a fearsome hand-to-hand fighter, but the Ancyte Shield he carries – covered in the gnarled, stretched skin of some unfortunate victim – strikes down any foe cowardly enough to flee to what they think is a safe distance by blasting baleful energies torn from the daemons enslaved within.


This multi-part kit comes in 30 components, which includes a 100m round base. Rules for fielding Mazarall the Butcher, Daemon Prince of Khorne in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar are available as a .pdf download.




Unusually tactical and thoughtful, Varag Ghoul-Chewer is almost unique – an Orc Blitzer capable of making rudimentary strategic decisions! Dragged up into the big leagues and placed at the head of the Gouged Eye – the most famous Orc team currently playing – his sights are set on winning the Blood Bowl championship.


Add Varag-Ghoul-Chewer to any Orc Blood Bowl team – not just the Gouged Eye – with this resin kit. He’s a big, mean, angry example of an Orc, clutching a Squig in his left hand and covered head to toe in the kind of chunks and spikes you’d expect from an Orc star player. His rules (his gloriously violent rules) can be found as a Star Player card in the Blood Bowl boxed game, as well as in Death Zone Season 1.


The 10-component kit includes 2 32mm round bases, one featuring a hole to slot a ball into, indicating possession of the ball in your games of Blood Bowl.




Get your hands on a copy of Blood Bowl, the classic game of bone-crunching fantasy football, and one of the greatest Orc Blitzers to ever lumber across the field – the one and only Varag Ghoul-Chewer.

Included is everything you need to play games of Blood Bowl:


– 12 plastic Human players: 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Catchers and 6 Linemen;
– 12 plastic Orc players: 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Black Orc Blockers and 6 Linemen;
– extra balls. team counters, and bases featuring holes to place the ball in, indicating possession;
– a double-sided foldout card pitch – one Orc side, one Human side, each divided into squares to regulate movement and combat;
– 2 card dugouts, each with a Human team’s sideline on one side and an Orc sideline on the other;
– a deck of cards detailing Special Plays and Star Players, as well as references for the included miniatures;
– 2 sets of dice, coloured blue for the Humans and green (of course!) for the Orcs – a mix of D6 Block dice, ordinary D6’s, D8’s and D16’s;
– a 56-page rulebook – this contains the basic rules of Blood Bowl, a number of optional extra rules (Fan Support, different weather, Illegal Procedures, time limits, hand-overs, block assists and more), a guide to assembling your teams and the story of Blood Bowl’s origins;
– a range ruler (used for measuring distances when throwing the ball), scatter template (used to see where the ball careens off to when dropped) and throw-in template;
– a sheet of decals containing number and team symbols, and a list of player positions that can be applied to the edge of your models’ bases.


Varag Ghoul-Chewer, covered head to toe in the kind of chunks and spikes you’d expect from an Orc star player, can be added to the Orc team in the box – his rules are found as an included Star Player card. He comes in 10 resin components, and includes 2 32mm round bases, one featuring a hole to slot a ball into, indicating possession of the ball.

This is another great week for Forge World new releases, head on over and pre-order your minis today.

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