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The Corellian Conflict has recently been released for Star Wars Armada! Along with it has come 2 new expansions of squadrons. Let’s review the Imperial squadrons and see what they can add to the game!

The recent squadron releases add a whole new dynamic for them and how they operate within Armada. These are the latest generic ships that are just coming out of hyperspace.

The Lambda class shuttle has always been an important support ship, and its abilities translate well into the current meta game. The new Relay ability allows you to act as an extension for a ship when it activates a squadron command. 2 squadrons at distance 1-3 from the Lambda shuttle can be activated by a ship if it is not within range of it.

This acts much like the Boosted Comms upgrade, but has more utility coming from a squadron; you should get more coverage with the Lambda. The Strategic ability on the Lambda allows you to move an objective token, hopefully within range of a ship to score some victory tokens.

The latest new bomber for the Imperials is the TIE Defender, and boy do these things look great. Speed 5, 6 hull, and an anti squadron of 2 blue and 2 black make these ships deadly. A blue anti ship die adds more bombing runs to your fleet as well.

The Decimator finally makes its Armada debut! This squadron feels like a mini ship, as it has a staggering array of firepower for both ships and squadrons alike. 8 hull means this ship won’t go down without a fight, and 3 black anti squadron dice means that the Decimator will give any Rebel squadron cause for concern! Counter 1 and Rogue make this a very flexible anti squadron platform and 3 blue dice for anti ship add to its destructive potential.

Last but certainly not least is the Saber Squadron TIE Interceptor squad. This ship is the perfect anti squadron fighter as it has the Snipe ability, which allows it to fire 4 blue dice at distance 2 and be safe from any Counter retaliation.

That’s it for the latest generic Imperial Squadrons for the Star Wars Armada game. Tune in next time as we rundown the latest Unique Squadrons and see what they can offer for the mighty Empire!

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