Kromlech’s Plague Reaper Cometh – NEW BITS

The forces of Chaos have anew champion hailing from Kromlech. Come and check out their latest baddy, the Plague Reaper. There is life after death. 

Khoot’ach, Plague Reapaer $14.35

This set contains one resin Khoot’ach, Plague Reaper model. It’s three part miniature (body, hand with axe and hand with victim) that comes together with 40mm round plain base.
Khoot’ach is specifically sculpted for 28mm heroic scale tabletop wargames.  Can be used as mutated warlord or herald of plague.

This model would make the perfect Chaos Lord of Nurgle. Give in to the power of Chaos and add him to your army!

In death there is life!

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