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Iron Warriors

Come see the latest on all the new Traitor and Loyalist Legion 30k miniatures were spotted at the Horus of Heresy Weekender in Nottingham!

The Horus Heresy weekender has come and gone, but we’ve seen a huge influx of new releases and content. Checkout the latest updates from the event, as we worked long hours all  weekend long to bring them to you!

Hobby Hero Garro was on the scene already at the Horus Heresy weekender with great write-ups, and pictures of the event! Members of the 30k Sweden group, and our good friend Loken were also in attendance posting up everything they saw as well!

Special thanks to  Garro for the following images.

Iron Warriors Tyrant Terminators
Horus Heresy Weekender
Horus Heresy Weekender

Thousands Sons:

Horus Heresy Weekender Horus Heresy Weekender

Space Wolves:

Horus Heresy Weekender Horus Heresy Weekender

A set of Warlord Rules Was Spotted:

Well that escalated quickly, looks like more upgrades for everyone’s favorite kit will be on the way soon!

Hand of Darkness: Wow that’s a spicy Apocalypse meatball!

So you’re saying there is a chance…

Wow that Exclusive has STOIC written all over it. Price Tag: £45!

New units and upgrades look to be on the way in droves, as well as the Emperor himself eventually.

What models are you down for?

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