Crazy Chocobos! New Stormcast Calvary First Look

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Don’t miss the brand new Stormcast Eternals cavalry model for Age of Sigmar! The Vanguard Palladors and Lord Aquilor are coming in hot!

FIrst we had battlecats and now we have Chocabos. These new minis are great, let’s take a look!


The Vanguard Palladors have a couple of different weapon options from axes to spears and a couple different head options. The kit comes on three separate sprues that all appear to be self contained. These really are some fantastic looking models.


There is not a paint guide in the instruction manual but you can see the different colors used to paint up the Palladors on the back of the box.


Taking the Javelin is probably the better option on these guys because it can be used as both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon that offers -1 Rending. These guys have some great stats and weapons.lord aquilor

The Lord Aquilor has two separate head options and many different accessories. He is 200 points and his stats and abilities appear to be really solid and we think this guy will see a lot of play.

Check out the video below for our full unboxing and thoughts!

Vanguard-Palladors: $60


The Vanguard-Palladors of the Vanguard Chambers are without doubt the fastest ground elements of the Stormhosts. By transmuting into wind-borne lightning atop their Gryph-chargers, they can ride the celestial hurricane to circumvent the enemy army’s defences, before reassuming their corporeal forms to strike at the foe’s exposed throat with bolt, javelin, axe and claw.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble 3 Vanguard-Palladors, mounted on Gryph-chargers and armed with boltstorm pistols and either shock handaxes or starstrike javelins. They come with 3 helmeted heads; these have the option of being modelled with either topknots or crests, depending on how you want your unit to look.

3 boltstorm pistols can be hung from the saddles of the Gryph-chargers, and 1 shock handaxe is to be mounted on the waist of a Vanguard-Pallador. Lots more details are included for hanging from the saddles – 3 grappling hooks, 3 drinking bottles, 3 bedrolls and the scalp of an unidentified creature, whose death was deemed important enough to commemorate…

One model can be assembled as the leader of the unit, a Pallador-Prime – this model is armed with a lunar blade attached to his waist in addition to the other weapons, and features his own shoulder pad, sculpted with a bear motif. He also has an optional bare head to replace the standard Stormcast Eternals helm.

This kit is supplied with a Stormcast Eternals transfer sheet and 3 Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases.

Lord-Aquilor: $40


Commanders of the Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers, the Lord-Aquilors are masters of the hunt, tracking their foes across the Mortal Realms as they ride the winds aetheric. When the foe is cornered, the Lord-Aquilor will strike with their starbound blade, channelling their hatred of the enemies of Order into every blow as their Gryph-charger savages the opponent with beak and claws.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble a Lord-Aquilor, mounted on a Gryph-charger and armed with a starbound blade, shock handaxe and heavy boltstorm pistol. He comes with a choice of bare or helmeted head, and a selection of accessories – a rope, grapple and bed roll – that can be used to decorate the Gryph-charger’s saddle. A magical astral compass can be attached to the pommel of his saddle.

This kit contains 32 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 90x52mm Oval base.

Head over to Games Workshop and pick up the new Lord Aquilor and Vanguard Palladors today!

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