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There’s a new rumor floating around and it doesn’t look like Abaddon is going to make it to Bad Boys 3. Come take a look at the latest talk around the net.

As of right now these are rumors so be sure to add salt!needs more salt

First and foremost, Cypher is on his way, and it’s being said that he’s the one that is going to pull the trigger on Abaddon. BoLS was on the floor at LVO and it seemed to be the buzz of the event. Meanwhile, an anonymous source on Faeit 212 was posting their own supporting points to this idea.

Via BoLS:

  • Abaddon is not  making it out alive of the big 40K shakeup.
  • Cypher may be the man who pulls the trigger.

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And Faeit elaborated more earlier in the weekend:

1. the bolt pistol may belong to Cypher
2. three books for gathering storms series 
3. each book will have a trio of characters
4. last book is called the rise of legend/Primarch?, which obviously include a Primarch
5. last trio of characters will be: Grandpa Smurf, Cypher and a Grey Knight Master
6. then 8th edition
7. Abaddon is likely to be killed during the last book, possible he is killed by a bolt pistol
8. dwarf release and gryph hound release should still be there, but the focus is to finish off gathering storm series and launch 8th edition

Add on
40k new edition’s content will be much reduced, but still bit longer than AoS rules, around 30 pages, likely release date will be summer. after Book III of the gathering storm.

So we’re looking at couple RUMORS here…

  1. Abaddon is likely to be killed by a bolt pistol, and said bolt pistol may just belong to Cypher himself.
  2. There’s going to be 3 books in the Gathering Storm series, each one bringing a new Triumvirate.
  3. The focus of Games Workshop is going to be finishing off the Gathering Storm Series and launching 8th edition.
  4. The 8th edition’s content will be reduced a lot, with around 30 pages of rules, still longer than AoS.

So what are your thoughts? Will Cypher kill Abaddon? It may be a safe bet to guess that this won’t be the final end to Abaddon, because let’s be honest, main characters really don’t stay dead long in the 40k realms. Either how we’ll most likely be finding the fate of Abaddon here shortly from GW themselves.

Once again, these are just RUMORS, don’t take them as cold hard facts.

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