Top 3 Destiny Rebel Teams You Should Watch Out For!

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Today we’re going to take a look at our top 3 Rebel team choices for the new FFG game: Star Wars Destiny. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Paddy Rey

Padme, Elite Rey, and Padawan

star wars destiny padme amidala Padawan Star Wars Destiny Rey

We’re going to start off taking a look at this great c-c-c-combo:

With 2 dice on Rey you’ve just doubled your chance of rolling damage, plus after you play an upgrade you get to take an additional action. Throw Lightsaber on her, activate her, and you don’t have to wait. Padme Amidala is an amazing card for messing with your opponents deck and trashing their, desperately needed, upgrades and supports.

Now on to the Padawan… Are you ready to unleash the freaking fury?! Any weapon attached to her has a reduced cost of 1, and, once again, Lightsaber is going to be the go to here. 2 sides showing melee damage, the special is 2 unblockable damage, and it’s redeployable, why wouldn’t you take it?

With a lot of damage coming out from Rey and the Padwan, Padme getting rid of your opponents cards, this team is one of the top must haves for rebel players right now.

Trooper Trap!

Elite Ackbar and 2x Rebel Trooper

Destiny Admiral AckbarDestiny Rebel Trooper

Have you had a bad day? Do you just want to blast your opponent to death? Then do we have a deck for you!

Throw 2 holdout blasters, 2 DH-17 blasters, 2 IQA-11 Blaster Rifles in with these team, and brace for impact. You’ll be throwing so many dice showing ranged damage and +ranged damage your opponent won’t know what hit them until the game is over.

This is a VERY FAST playing deck, and unless your opponent has a very strong defense, chance are they’ll be playing catch up while trying to figure out where to distribute the damage. With the guardian keyword on both rebel troopers it will allow you to take the fall to keep Ackbar alive. Just go for the throat!

Cheap and Slim (with Leia & Finn)

Leia Organa and Elite Finn

Destiny Leia Organa Destiny Finn

Having Finn as your elite will help increase your survive-ability. It’s overall a better choice to take the possibility of a shield over a focus. He does one less damage, but none of his damage costs you a resource to play, ultimately allowing you to focus on your upgrades. Plus, with Leia by his side, you can remove her die to reroll up to 2 of your dice, allowing you to get that damage you may have blanked on.

Now the great this about Finn is that ability to include Red Villain weapons and vehicles into your hero deck, playing any weapon on Finn ignoring play restrictions. F11-D would be a prime choice to equip on Finn. It’s a Villain Weapon, 3 sides of possible damage showing, and the special ability forces your opponent to do 2 damage to their characters, distributing it as they wish.

If you’ve been contemplating deck builds, these 3 teams would be a nice starting point. Be sure to leave your team ideas in the comments below.

Also keep an eye out for our Top 3 Imperial teams coming out in the near future.

Pro Tip: Stay Stealth!

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