Walk the Plank With Pirate Themed Bases – REVIEW


Avast ye Scurvy dogs,  look to the horizon, pirate themed bases be approaching quick! Elrik’s Hobbies is bringing you some salty new bases!

Today Rob is reviewing the amazing new pirate themed based from Elrik’s hobbies!  These are the perfect thing to ferry your naval themed miniatures to glorious plunder!

Elrik's Hobbies

Check out all those different bases!  Kegs and ropes and gears!  Everything a pirate needs to man the decks!

Large Base

Elrick’s Hobbies produces bases of all sizes ranging from 25mm infantry bases to 170mm monster bases!

Cavalry Base

Who says horses don’t belong on the water?  Don’t worry, your cavalry will be high and dry with the monster bases!

All the bases

Look at all those details!  Amazing wood grain effects on all the bases, ropes all over the place and enough powder kegs to blow a hole in any ship a pirate could dream of!

Check out the whole video review here!

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