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Check out this Villain deck that features Red and Yellow, and 3 characters! Is this the new deck to beat? Let’s take a look!

This deck features Captain Phasma, Bala-Tik, and a First Order Stormtrooper to round it out. 30 points total for having the elite version of Phasma and all the Red and Yellow villain cards you could ever want!

Captain Phasma is a force to be reckoned with. Her dice are amazing for her value. In this deck the elite version of Phasma is used to capitalize on her awesome dice. Her ability works great with the FO Stromtrooper, who can take the hits and cancel enemy dice. The Focus and Discard sides of Phasma dice give extra utility when taking on your opponents.

Bala-Tik is a favorite for yellow villain decks everywhere. Once he has a few upgrades, he is powerful, and his ability makes him that much better. Activate him first, get his dice out, resolve them, and then go for the kill with another character. If you manage to take an enemy down, Bala-Tik readies, and you get to roll him out again! Amazing ability for dishing out even more pain.

The humble FO Stormtrooper is cannon fodder in this list. Guardian is very strong. Best case, you get to cancel a 3 or higher ranged die on the enemy side with your Trooper that has 1 health left. You lose a character, but you just cancelled their dice and potentially cause a few problems for your opponent,who may now have to discard to reroll his dice.


Have you tried this deck out for yourself? Dice control mixed with powerful ranged upgrades will show Captain Phasma to be much more than fir for the garbage disposal unit!

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