Are They OP Now? Tips & Tactics For the New Custodes & Sisters!

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Craving a deeper look into the rules for new Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence from Games Workshop? Then you’ll love this!

Today we bring you some Tips & Tactics on the new Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence from October’s PDF rules update, with a splash of the new rules that were just spotted as well!

sisters of silence custodes tips tactics

First, we will take a look at the Appendix for the Custodes. Under Special Wargear is the Custodes Vexilla which gives all friendly units within 12″ of the bearer the Fearless special rule and in addition all models in the same unit as the bearer have +1 Attack whilst the bearer is alive. But what we really want to show you from this Appendix is the Guardian Spear. This Strength +1, AP 2, Two-handed melee weapon with the Block special rule that allows for an attempt to block a single attack during the assault phase. This ability can be used Once per turn which according to the rulebook allows it to be used in each player’s turn.

sisters of silence custodes tips tactics

The Custodian Guard Squad may be better than any Terminator out there! They come in at only 42 points each which is way less than any other Terminator and they have a lot of potential to put out damage since the Shield-Captain gets 6 attacks on the charge making 21 attacks total from the unit at strength 6 AP2. Now that is some incredible damage coming out of just 5 models (Remember the Spear is two handed and does not grant +1A, but minus out the Vexilla model’s attacks and add them to the unit).

Plus the blade is even more productive with damage output, but alas it is “only” AP3.

Now in the new codex they have a few more goodies and a great new detachment that makes them pretty solid on the table top as well:


30 points more than the current 7th edition Contemptor model, but this one includes the Aegis, and Deep Strike abilities, PLUS venerable. Seems like a win for those kinda of points!


The formation from October has been transformed into the the above detachment with new command benefits as well.New Warlord Traits, and a way to actually field them that makes sense this go around, and they got some pretty solid command benefits to boot as well, like re-rolling 1’s for saves.

Venerable Land Raider

Now that’s the spice we were looking for: the second venerable status Land Raider for 40k, and a way to ignore shaken and stunned results (but you still lose a hull point). It also comes with some pretty cool upgrades as well now like a 5+ invulnerable save from the aegis ability. Is this the best land raider in the history of ever? For 275, that may just be the case.

sisters of silence custodes tips tactics

Sisters of Silence has the Bane of Psykers special rule which grants them Precision Shots and Precision Strikes special rules when targeting an enemy Psyker or the unit that contains a Psyker. They also have the Psychic Abomination special rule which makes all Psykers, friend of foe, within 12″ have -3 Leadership, and they do not generate any Warp Charge. But one thing to keep in mind is the Psychic Abomination special rule does not apply whilst the unit with this special rule is embarked in a transport.

Perhaps best of all is the fact they cost about half the points of a Culuxus assassin, and in the old October PDF you could slot them in just as one squad based on their formation!

sisters of silence custodes tips tactics

Up to five models can be added to the Sisters of Silence unit for only 15 points a model. This is another unit that is very cheap to take and having them on the first will be a bane for a lot of models out there.

Now also their Greatblade models have rules for 40k as well:

sisters of silence

Two New squads can be made from the single kit, the Prosecutors, and Vigilators squads. The former is a carbon copy of the “Sisters of Silence Squad” from October, but the ladder has their fabled close combat weapons in tow.

sisters of silence 2

The formation from October has been transformed into the the above detachment with new command benefits as well: extending the Bane rule and making psykers easier to deal with in assault!

null maiden rhino

A rhino that now has a radius special rule that effectively can turn off all psykers, and precision shots from it’s stormbolter against them as well.

If you want to see some army ideas and to hear everything we have to say about these units, check out this video right here.

The new codex is supposed to be fairly small and has a release date of March 25th. Be sure to check back in with us for the latest updates until then, we’ll be putting them out as soon as we get them!

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