Can You Name These Bits? – 40k Flashback

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Bits Hobby HIstoryWelcome back hobby fans! Would you like to play a game? Today Rob is going to attempt to identify as many bits out of the internet’s random grab bag as he can!

Throughout the annals of Warhammer history there are many many many discontinued kits, but one man can name them all…  Or can he?

Mystery Bag

From the overpriced metallic legions of the Vostroyans to plastic Terminator shoulder pads Rob can name them all.  Which bits are you able to identify?  I see some defiler parts and a bunch of Maulerfiend bits!


Quick!  Give yourself 30 seconds, can you name even half of these parts?  I see Whirlwinds, Basilisks, Terminators, Chaos Warriors, Land Raiders, Skaven Possessed, and Dark Elves scattered around in there!

Mystery Bits

Check out the whole video here to see all the awesome old parts we cant get anymore!

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