Yellow Heroes Incoming! – New Star Wars Destiny Spotted

Take a break and check out these cool new Yellow Hero cards from the Spirit of Rebellion expansion of Star Wars Destiny. Chewie, we’re home!

This is a first hand look at some of the cards that you will see in the Spirit of Rebellion expansion for Destiny. Let’s dive right in!

Everyone’s favorite Wookiee makes his debut in Destiny! Chewbacca is a 12 health damage dealing monster. With 3 damage sides showing 1 ranged, 2 ranged for resource, and 2 melee, he can deal massive hurt to your opponent. His special ability allows you to turn an opponent’s die to a side showing melee or ranged damage, and then deal that to a character. It’s a soft removal, but also a damage dealer. Interestingly, he costs 12 points for the normal version, so you can team him up with the elite version of Han Solo, and vice versa. 

His legendary Bowcaster blast its way into Destiny as well.  This beast of a blaster put out huge ranged damage! 2 ranged, 4 ranged for resource and a +3 ranged make this a blaster storm. It special deals 1 unblockable damage to up to 2 different characters. I like this thing!

The wise old scoundrel Maz Kanata offers her services to Heroes in Destiny. She is a straight up support character with an amazing special ability. When you activate Maz, you may resolve 2 of your dice instantly. This is powerful way of of getting some unexpected damage through or as a means of gaining quick resources. Either way, Maz and her focus sides of her dice will get your rolls going the way you want them to.

And now for something completely different. Long Con is a Yellow Event card, but it has a special stipulation to get it working for you. It states that you may gain 3 resources if there is another copy of this card in your discard pile. A quick discard of this card to reroll dice will up your chances of having this card go off without  hitch. 3 resources for a discard? Yes please!

Diversion works in much the same way, but forces your opponent to lose resources. For 1 resource, you may force your opponent to discard 1 resource, or if there is a copy of Diversion in your discard pile, force them to discard 3 resources. This is a big way to hurt your opponent’s action economy! 

“Fair” Trade is anything but fair. For 0 resources you may resolve one of your resource dice, then switch all of your resources with an opponent’s resources. So say your opponent has 5 resources for the Millennium Falcon or AT-ST for their next action. Play “Fair” Trade, resolve a die showing 1 resource, then trade your 1 for their 5! Gaining 5 resources by paying 1? Seems fair to me! 

A great way to sabotage the Empire is to blow up their stuff. It’s worked since the first Death Star. Why stop now? Planned Explosion is your trump card in a Yellow Hero deck. This card only comes into effect if you have a combined value of 10 on your dice. Could be 7 ranged and 3 resource. Doesn’t matter as long as the value is 10. If so, you may spend your dice to deal 10 damage to a character. This is the most damage that’s been seen on a card in Destiny. Just wait until the Emperor sees this card! 

Finally, a new Hero Upgrade! Lone Operative works alongside the ever popular Second Chance card by making your last remaining character even more powerful. This die has 2 melee, 2 discard, and 1 resource side, followed by 2 special sides. This is a endgame die. 2 discard towards the end of the game is pretty powerful against any opponent for there deck will surely be getting thin by the time you play this card. It special ability allows you to heal 2 damage on the attached character, but 3 damage if the character is your only one in play. This will make Yellow Hero decks seem to love forever!

That’s it for the Yellow Hero rundown for Spirit of Rebellion. If these Yellow cards are this powerful, I wonder what the Blue and Red cards will be like!

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