5 Easy Steps To Painting Icy Horns & Weapons

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Welcome back Hobby maniacs, today Rob is going to walk us through how to paint some amazing frozen ice horns for his Ogors!

Rob starts by laying down a base coat of Mechanicus Standard Grey at the base of the horns.  Next he lays down the base blue using some of GW’s Air Macragge Blue, the air versions of GW’s paints are easy to use and can go right into the airbrush without any prep work.

Macragge Blue

Once the base blue is dry Rob begins the highlight process using another of GW’s air range, this time with Lothern Blue.  He cuts the highlights in using his airbrush.

Lothern Highlight

Next up is another highlight using a GW air paint.  instead of using pure white for the final highlight, Rob uses Ulthuan Grey.  This nearly-white color is great for highlights, and covers significantly better than plain white.

Ulthuan Highlight

After the final airbrush highlight is dry, its time to tie everything together with a glaze of Drakenhoff Nightshade mixed with a little bit of floor wax.  Before applying the glaze its important to coat the model with a semi-gloss or full gloss varnish.  The floor wax helps to break up the surface tension and stops the glaze from pooling as it dries, ensuring a smooth even coat.

Drakenhoff Glaze

Once the glaze is dried its time to apply a final edge highlight using a little more Ulthuan Grey.  This razor highlight is applied using a detail brush.

Bright Highlight

Now it’s time to paint the rest of the model!


Check out the whole video below for Rob’s detailed explanation of each step!


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