Bitspudlo Has The Tomb Crawlers for Necron Lovers!

Trinity Tomb Crawler

This new Necron inspired Crawler model from Bitpudlo will make Necron lovers drool and opponents cry. Come take a peek and imagine the paint schemes!

It’s a good day to be a Necron lover with these new Trinity Tomb Crawlers from Bitpudlo!

Trinity Tomb Crawler22.78

Trinity Tomb Crawler Trinity Tomb Crawler Trinity Tomb Crawler

Kit includes components to assemble one menacing Trinity Tomb Crawler model. Model supplied unpainted.
Elements are made from high-quality resin.
This model is 14 cm high.

We are sure Necron fans are going to love this three legged version of what looks like the Triarch Stalker!

Head over to Hexy Shop and pick up this newly released Trinity Tomb Crawler model to complete your custom Necron Army!

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