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This week’s new releases are more Khardron Overlords minis and some new Sector Imperialis terrain! Come take a look at what’s coming up for pre-order!

Games Workshop:

Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis & Industrial Terrain Collection

SectorImperialisIndustrialTerrainCollection01 FerratonicIncinerator01 GalvanicMagnavent01

Industrial Terrain Collection


Industrial Terrain Set


Arkanaut Ironclad

ArkanautIronclad06 ArkanautIronclad03 ArkanautIronclad01

Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers

GalvanicServohaulers05 GalvanicServohaulers02 GalvanicServohaulers01

Brokk Grungsson, Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar

BrokkGrungsson04 BrokkGrungsson02 BrokkGrungsson01

White Dwarf May 2017 & Grombrindal: 40 Years of White Dwarf



Sector Mechanicus Industrial Bases

MechanicusBases01 MechanicusBases04 MechanicusBases02

Grombrindal’s 40th Birthday

Grombrindal01 Grombrindal02

Aetheric Navigator

Navigator04 Navigator02 Navigator01

White Dwarf May 2017

WD009MayENG01 WD009MayENG02 WD009MayENG03

Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne (Hardback)


There’s a lot of terrain and the rest of the dwarves coming our way this week, and don’t for get about the powered armor Grombrindal as well.  Check back Sunday for the full description and prices on these new releases from Games Workshop

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