GMM’s Amazing Convention Booth of Miniature Art!

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gmmBack home again in Indiana, and back to work!  This year’s Adepticon was, as always, better than the last.  Sounds cliche, but trying new things and refining what I do.
GMM AdepticonThe booth was a big hit, and exactly what I had hoped for.  Instead of playing or wandering around, having a set place people could come by and say hello and meet up.  Got lots of “I have been coming for years and just now meeting you” so that was nice.
Not really into the whole commercial look, so making it personal was fun.  Couple of framed hardboard sheets painted like the walls, some random crap pulled from here and there in the house, and wrapped up in my clothes in the trunk made for a nice booth that was easy to set up.
Plus had not had three displays there at once before, and people seemed to enjoy that. Still working on exactly what it will entail, but plan to come back bigger and more interesting with the booth next year.GMM Adepticon
My personal highlights:
– Getting carried by Greg Sparks in Contra 3
– Watching two grown men squeal upon seeing Smash TV and proceed to manhandle the thing to levels I hadn’t seen before.
– Watching people stop in their tracks and smile seeing the displays.  Then having a 30 minute conversation about whatever.  That never gets old.  Also small world sort of conversations.
– Getting to hang out with Alex of Ironheart Artisans.  We rode up together, roomed together, and had our booths next to each other.  He’s one of those guys you wish you met sooner, and whether silly or serious the conversation was what I will miss the most from this year.
That about does it.  Back to work, this year is going to be great!  Lots of big armies on the way and warm weather coming means new backdrops as well.  See you next time.GMM AdepticonAll set up and ready to open.GMM Adepticon
Let’s see if she makes it the weekend…GMM Adepticon
Just chilling with the crew.GMM Adepticon
A simple, but very large, offering.GMM Adepticon
Smash TV gets wrecked.GMM Adepticon
Find mini Cathy WappellGMM Adepticon
And do it again.GMM Adepticon
Time to pack up…

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