Hacks for Fixing Magnetizing Mistakes: Warlord Titan Edition

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Hey there Hobby maniacs! Rob is back with another awesome video in our series on the assembly of GW’s amazing Warlord Titan!

Today Rob is going to show us some tricks for making sure your magnets are polarized properly, easy assembly tricks for large parts of the Warlord Titan, and how to fix mistakes on large and expensive models!

Magentized AssemblyRob always recommends using the right tool for the job! In this case you need to make sure your magnets are large enough to support the weight of the parts you’re attaching!  Most of the magnets used in the Warlord Titan assembly are pretty large!

Bracing bent parts

If you’re struggling to get all the parts to stay together while your glue dries, some cheap hand clamps are great additions to your tool box!

These clamps are super cheap on Amazon, running about $5 each!
Filling BubblesIf you find yourself with components that have small bubbling issues, you can always stick some of the ever amazing Vallejo plastic putty into the bubbles!  This stuff dries in about a day, and can be filed flat afterwards!

This Vallejo putty is amazing stuff!  You can find it here for $13.00.

Flipping Magnets

Ever put a magnet in with the wrong polarity?  Fear not!  Rob covers some quick tricks to popping the magnet out, preserving the model and the magnet! By drilling a hole right next to the magnet, you can pop it out if you’re quick enough, flip the magnet, and get it back into place with minor effort!

Repairing guide hole

Once again that awesome Vallejo plastic putty comes to the rescue!  Repairing the damage as good as new!  Once this dries, Rob will file it flush and the whole magnet mistake will be in the distant past!

Check out Rob’s whole video for details on these awesome hobby tricks!

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