More Hero Spoilers For Star Wars Destiny

The Spirit of Rebellion expansions is set to hit stores very soon! In the meantime, we have some Hero spoilers to satisfy your Destiny itch until then!

Let’s dive right in! Loth-Cat and Mouse is a nice little dice removal card, for you and your opponent! Didn’t get the best roll with your character or upgrade dice? Play this card to force your opponent to remove one of your crappy dice for one of their awesome dice! It’s a nice way to play Loth-Cat and mouse with your opponent by messing with their carefully laid plans. 

A surprise hit! Luminara Unduli is an amazing hero to synergize with your generic characters. 1 melee, 2 melee, 1 focus, 1 resource and an amazing special ability make this an great centerpiece to your deck. Her special ability allows you to resolve one of your character dice, increasing its value by 3 if it is a generic character. This is a super effective way to boost your Rebel Commandos and Padawnas to Super Saiyan levels real fast! 

A new powerful Red weapon upgrade for the Heroes comes in hot with the A180 Blaster. This weapon seems to be a jack of all trades with 3 possible special ability options! First, its die consists of 2 ranged, +2 ranged, 1 disrupt, and 2 sides featuring the special, this die will want to roll its special more often than not. The first option for the special is deal 1 damage to a character and gain 1 shield for the attached character. Second, you may deal 1 damage to each of an opponent’s characters. Third, you may deal 2 unblockable damage to a character. This blaster has it all, and gives you a variety of options to deal with your enemies as you games develop and unfold. 

Temmin “Snap” Wexley is an ace X-Wing pilot that will have the Villains’ heads spinning! Temmin has a modest offensive die with 1 ranged, 1 disrupt, 2 disrupt, 1 discard, and 1 resource. His strengths lie in disabling your opponent’s resources and hand, and his special ability is also disruptive for battlefield claiming. While at least one of Temmin’s die is in your pool, your opponent must spend 1 resource to claim the battlefield. This is a huge speed bump for Director Krennic and any other deck that relies on claiming the battlefield. If your deck focuses on disrupt, your opponent will not be able to claim the battlefield at all! 

Lastly, we have a card that was spoiled early on,but it still bears having a rundown to see what its all about! Your Eyes Can Deceive you is an excellent Support card that can help if your characters and dice focus on shield generation. Whenever one of your dice rolls a shield, you may exhaust this support to turn an opponent’s die to any side. This is an amazing passive ability that can disrupt your opponent’s carefully laid plans by modifying dice at your whim.

That’s it for Hero spoilers for Star Wars Destiny. What more new cards will be revealed before the release of Spirit of Rebellion!?

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