More Scum Lord Supreme, Playing Jabba In X-Wing

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Jabba is big and bad and he brings a whole lot of love to the Scum faction for Star Wars X-Wing. Let’s take a look. Let’s take a look at the Crime Lord in action. 

Jabba is the Scum Lord supreme with his amazing ability to give disposable Illicit upgrades another chance. All of your Illicit upgrades gain an Illicit token with Jabba, effectively giving them Extra Munitions for the ones that are one use only. This will open up a host of possibilities for the Scum faction. 

Let’s take a look at an old favorite: the Gand Findsman. This humble B-Wing of sorts for the Scum faction gets a bad rap, but let’s make it shine with the new hotness Jabba provides for these ships.

Crack Shot is an old standby that can up your damage potential in no time. Get in position. fire away, and then cancel evade results. Can’t beat that! But let’s get to the Illicit meaty upgrades that will make this ship sing.

Cloaking Device is an iffy upgrade by itself. it has a chance of blowing up if you roll a focus result at the end of a turn. With Jabba, you get s free pass if your Cloak goes broke! If you have to discard your Cloaking Device, just trash an Illicit token and keep on Cloaking. Since we have a fail safe for our Cloaking Device, let’s take it to the max!

Stygium Particle Accelerator gives the Gand Findsman an evade token whenever he de-cloaks, whether this be from a busted Cloaking Device or a willing de-cloak, a free evade token is always nice. This is a welcome boost to the ! agility of this sluggish ship. With the Cloaking Device however, you will be outmaneuvering faster ships with ease! 

Try out this new Scum build and tell us how it works out for you!

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