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royal guard

The Spirit of Rebellion expansions is set to hit stores very soon! In the meantime, we have some Villain spoilers to satisfy your Destiny itch until then!

An interesting Blue character, Royal Guard is an amazing generic! Destiny seems to be trying to boost characters and upgrades that feature melee stats and Royal Guard is all about face damage. 1 melee, 2 melee and +2 melee and it damage dealing sides with 2 sides showing shields. A good mix of offense and defense.

This character has the amazing Guardian ability to protect the Emperor or even Darth Vader (Awakenings) but has a strange ability that you cannot equip Blue abilities to him. Blue upgrades are still fair game though.

Traitor! Everyone’s favorite trooper (besides Finn), is FN-2199. This guy is all about getting in your face much like the Royal Guard. He has a very speedy ability that let’s him roll a weapon die as soon as you equip it to him, and immediately resolve it!

This guy is insanely fast and furious. ! ranged, 1 melee, 2 melee for a resource, and a shiled and resource side make up his die. He comes at a low point cost as well and could even fit in a deck with IG-88! Watch for that combo.

Still no word from Boba Fett, but his infamous Slave I Firespray makes its way into Destiny. Powerful ranged support for only 4 resources is not bad. 2, 3, and 4 ranged (for resource) abound this die and 1 resource side.

It’s special ability punishes decks with lots of characters and upgrades by forcing your opponent to deal damage to his characters equal to the amount of dice in their dice pool. This is crazy and could result in the death of a character real fast! Better spend those dice quick!

Another nice support for Villains is the Imperial Inspection. For zero resources, you can boost your disrupt dice. After you roll a disrupt side on one of your dice, you may exhaust this support to return an upgrade in play that costs 2 or less to its owners hand.

This is a nice way to weaken your opponent’s characters by removing upgrades before they roll them or return an ambush upgrade to your hand to use it again in your next action. SO many interesting combinations can happen with this card!

Last we have Loose Ends, but this card is a beast. Jabba is going to love this card. First you start off with Ambush, then you can remove one of your dice showing ranged damage. Then you may force an opponent to discard the top 4 cards of his deck! Super mill action that just won;t let up! Loose ends can have your opponent burn through their deck faster than anything else in the game currently. Jabba will give an evil laugh with his discard dice sides, but will need ranged support to pull this off, but he’s got connections He can make it happen.

That’s it for the latest and greatest from the Villain side of the Spirit of Rebellion expansion. Will we see more spoilers before it hits stores? We will have to wait and see.

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