New 8th Edition 40k: What Will Happen When It Drops?

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tychoDr. LoveRage: Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the Change. Another edition is coming down the pipes weather you like it or not. The king is dead, long live the king.

Spoiler Alert: Some, maybe most, of you will hate it. That happens with every edition.

Fact: You can’t make everyone happy.

The last reboot

When Warhammer Fantasy transitioned into Warhammer: Age if Sigmar the lamentations where deafening.

nerd rage

Alternative Fact: 99.999% of the Warhammer Fantasy community abandoned the system and melted their armies.

Fact: Warhammer: AoS survived.

Those who stayed back where enjoying the game, I know I did. It was about talking with your opponent, playing the missions, and being cinematic. Points showed up and boom everyone was in love. Though, core mechanics wise, almost nothing had changed — but now people thought the game was amazing. Well, it is an amazing game, but the only thing that changed was that someone gave you a rough idea of how to make two “evenly” matched armies.

Fact: Two evenly matched armies, of different factions isn’t common. This is why some armies collect dust and some armies are on nearly every table too.

I really hope that Games Workshop makes subtle points adjustments to steer the game towards balance; however that may be a pipe dream. There’s a lot of combinations and rules interactions that can make this quite difficult.


Regardless, I hear people pissing and moaning about the “Sigmarification” of Warhammer: 40,000.

Breaking: Some of you will hate the new edition. Some, or many, of you may leave. Some, or many more, will join.

Those that stay behind will continue to build, paint, and paint some of the most amazing miniatures the world has ever seen. They will enjoy the rule set. Eventually, that rule set will change again.

lord of change

I get it. You don’t want things to change. Humans tend to be naturally adverse to change. Google it, people play old editions, it’s a thing. Maybe you won’t have many people who want to play old editions with you. While I agree that’s sad, maybe that should offer you some introspection and realize maybe you’re being a bit stubborn. The world is going to change and you can either go with a smile on your face, or kicking and screaming, but your fate is sealed; the new edition is coming.

What the world needs now is  love sweet love positivity. Games Workshop makes great things. Things that we love. Things that we obsess about. The next thing it makes will probably be great, if it’s not, they’ll fix it. Some of you will love it. Obsess over it. Some of you will hate it and abandon it. Regardless, the only constant is that everything changes.

Barclay Nurgle Wrapper

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