Privateer Press Officially Discontinues Packaged Stat Cards


Privateer Press has made the decision to discontinue packaged stat cards in order to benefit their community. Here’s why!

Source: Privateer Press

The news that packaged stat cards in non-starter sets had players of HORDES and WARMACHINE slightly concerned until news that all stat cards can now be found online at Privateer Press’ Rules and Errata.

Plus the now everything is absolutely free. This change was made in tandem with the Community Integrated Development (CID) initiative. The goal of this is to allow Privateer Press the capability to actively make game changes and ensure a consistent and updated gaming experience. That is not the best part.

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The best part is that Privateer Press will soon be releasing, for free, a comprehensive card database that will allow players to select multiple cards and compile them into a single PDF for printing or for ease of use on a tablet during a game, etc.

This will be a great improvement over the current app, War Room 2, which is useful but not as streamlined as it could be. There will also be a Print-On-Demand option in the future for those players who prefer physically printed cards.

For more information on WARMACHINE, HORDES, Rules, and more, visit Privateer Press!

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