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More and more cards are being discovered from the Spirit of Rebellion expansion for Star Wars Destiny! Take a look at these insane new cards! 

Going supersonic ludicrous speed will be attainable in Destiny now! Force Speed is an astounding card for 0 resources, you get an upgrade with a die that has 1 focus, 1 shield and 3 specials on its die! But is it ever special: you get 2 additional actions with its special ability. Going super speedy will be an amazing ability for Rey, Palpatine, and even Kylo Ren now!

Fast Hands is the perfect upgrade for the quick drawing Han Solo. After you activate a character you may resolve one of its character or upgrade dice! This is a super fast way to get resources or damage if you need it as soon as you roll it. Another super speedy upgrade that will surely speed this game up to lightspeed!

Slowing things down a bit, we have Decisive Blow. This 3 cost event allows you to resolve one of your melee dice. Then you may remove all character and upgrade dice of the character that you just dealt damage to. This is a huge way to remove dice and deal damage at the same time! This is especially useful when your enemies are loaded with upgrades and have a large dice pool.

An cool new support upgrade is the Astromech card. This 2 resource card is a nice support that has 1 focus, 2 focus, 1 shield, and 1 resource on its die. It also has a super cool action ability that allows you to remove its die to turn a vehicle die to any side. AT-ST and Black One will love this upgrade for sure!

Salvo is an amazing 2 cost Event that allows you to resolve one of your ranged dice against each of an opponent’s characters. This can be a big counter to decks that feature 3 or 4 characters. If you can pull it off, the AT_ST will be a damage dealing monster with this card!

That’s all we have time for today. Stay tuned for more Star Wars Destiny cards that come out for Spirit of Rebellion!

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