Warzone is Back, But How Are The Minis? – Unboxing

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Welcome back Hobby Fans, today Rob is unboxing some of the amazing Warzone Cybertronic models from the Mutant Chronicles!

Rob used to play Warzone back in the 90s, so he was super excited to get his hands on some of these crazy new models!


Warzone Resurrection takes place in the Mutant Chronicles universe – a dystopian future in which the nations of old Earth are no more, subsumed into the megacorporations – unimaginably vast empires which care more about their assets than the common man. Each of these corporations has a rich backstory and strong heritage inspired by the nations that founded them: the industrious Bauhaus; noble Imperial; honourable Mishima; materialistic Capitol; and the enigmatic Cybertronic. These corporations are spread across the worlds, moons and asteroids of the inner solar system embroiled in the Second Corporate War. But there is a darker and far more insidious threat than just your rival corporations…

The starter kit is very competitively priced at 35 pounds, making the entry threshold to the game quite a bit lower than with other games.

The model quality on these guys is comparable to Forge World, with extremely crisp detail and practically zero casting defects and only small amounts of flash from the injection sites.

Warzone Big Guy

Each faction has its own unique look and background, making the model range extremely diverse.  Models range in size from small characters equal to about the same size as an Imperial Guardsman, to larger models along the scale of 40K Primarch models.

Warzone Heavies

Check out Rob’s whole unboxing video in the link below!

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