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Don’t miss our next Twitch stream Monday at 8pm for insightful tabletop hobby news, live tutorials, and a chance to win the new models pictured above!

The Spikey Bits Hobby Report is here and is your weekly resource to help keep your hobby muscles strong!

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Don’t miss the show every Monday at our new 8pm Eastern time slot on Twitch that will features the latest news and rumors from around the web, with a sprinkle of live product unboxings, hobby tutorials, and giveaways to boot!

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We’ll be featuring live painting tutorials and a ton of fun new giveaways for our next show, so don’t miss our new format for MAY!

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Want your chance to win new models or a set of the Forge World Airbrush Paints above for your collection? All you have to do is follow us on Twitch for free!

It all starts Monday at 8pm EST! Get a give-away raffle ticket just for following us on Twitch right now:

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