New Crazy Cool Mechanicus Bio Tech Minis from HiTech!


HiTech Miniatures has some crazy cool new minis for the Bio-Tech Covenant. Come take a look to see what conversions are possible!

The Bio-Tech Covenant received Myriagon the Cyborg Leader and a box set of three miniatures for the Cyborgeons that includes Myriagon, OLV 97, and XAV 11. The minis are high quality resin and well detailed.

28mm Cyborgeon Myriagon: €18

28mm-cyborgeon-myriagon (1)

One – Multipart ( 5  parts) 28mm scale miniature. This is high quality resin miniaturte which come unpainted and requires assembly. Feet to the eye dimension : 42 mm. 1) Body 2)  Left hand with claw  3 ) Gun   4) Right hand with claw 5)  Base. 40mm scenic base included




CYBORGEONS BOX include: Myriagon , XAV11, OLV97 (3 minis set )

These miniatures are just another get example of the quality HiTech puts out. I may get these for my Mechanicum army that I am planning for!

For more information on these miniatures and more, visit HiTech Miniatures!

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