Where’s 8th? GW’s Next 6 Months of Retail Activity Dates

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gw mall store horWhere will 8th fall in this calendar? Checkout these key retail dates at GW Stores for the next six months, as well as planned AoS and 40k activity windows

The talk of 8th edition and when it will be released has been on everyone’s minds. Well these key dates, and the activities they have planned, will have us all asking ourselves “What exactly does GW have planned for 8th and when?”.

We can confirm the following dates and activities for the next six months at Games Workshop corporate stores:


Key Dates (no leave approved?)

  • May 27th
  • June 3rd
  • June 17th

40k and AoS Weekend Activity Windows

  • May 6th & May 13th – 40k Activity
  • May 27th – July 15th – AoS Activity
  • July 1st – September 9th – 40k Activity (Two Week Overlap with AoS Activities Above)

With only three key dates planned over the next six months it seems like 8th edition, and perhaps even the Generals Handbook II will be dropped on one of those days. But what raises some red flags is the planned activity windows.

Why is May 27th – July 15th AoS activities if 8th edition is supposedly dropping at the beginning of June? 40k activities doesn’t kick in until July 1st and they overlaps with AoS for three weekends. Why isn’t 40k going to be the sole in store focal point?

Obviously at this point none of us have any idea what Games Workshop has planned exactly, but at least we know what dates to be watching and what they have planned for certain time frames now, even though it is still a little confusing do decipher…

8th edition now

What do you think about these upcoming dates? Is Games Workshop going to be changing things up on us once again? Why does AoS seem to have the priority throughout the month of June? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we’d really like to hear what you have to say about this new information.

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