Painting Literally A Billion Skulls: Hobby Tutorial


Welcome back hobby fanatics!  Today Kenny Boucher is here to walk us through painting some killer skull bases for all sorts of armies!

Kenny’s killer method for quickly painting up a whole ton of skull bases really really quickly will save you a ton of time and give you some super awesome bases!  Kenny starts with airbrushing a a nice warm brown over the whole base and then highlighting the skulls with a increasingly light series of bone colors.

Airbrushing Base

Once the base colors are dried Kenny cuts back in around the skulls with a very thinned down coat of the original brown color.  This really breaks the skulls out from the rest of the base and corrects for any overspray during the highlighting process.

Cutting in Dirt

Next up Kenny mixes up a batch of mixed washes, that he likes to call ‘sewer water’, using green, black, and brown washes.  mixing this with some wash medium makes this cover the skulls perfectly.


After the Skulls are dry Kenny covers the rest of the base with the same mix of wash colors minus the mixing medium.  This picks out all the details in the dirt.

Final Base

Finally Kenny applies a couple of quick dry brushing steps to the skulls and dirt and the bases are done!


Check out the whole video here for paint lists and more details!

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