New 8th Rules, Forge World & Black Library LATEST

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This was truly a busy weekend for the hobbies we love! Come check out the latest rumors, updates, and new releases galore!

Here’s what happened over the weekend in the world of tabletop:

GW’s New Forge World Releases Revealed

Thunderhawks wallpaper Forge world

Pre-orders for Forge World’s new Hobbit minis are now live, plus the new Imperial Armors Xenos & Astra Militarium are shipping now as well!

Forge World’s Tyranids Imperial Armor Rules Spotted


Today we’re getting a look at new datasheets from the Xenos Imperial Armor book that are now up for pre-order on Warhammer Digital.

Vulture & Vendetta 8th Rules Datasheets SPOTTED

vulture astra militarum

Today we’re getting a look at some new datasheets from the Astra Militarum Imperial Armor book that was just releases on Warhammer Digital.

GW Pulls The Plug on Warhammer 40k Army Builder

marine 40k 8th edition space wal horGW has sent notice to the 40k 8th Edition Web Roster creator out there, claiming it infringed on their Intellectual property. Come see the latest.

New Releases Incoming From The Black Library!

perturabo death guard marine wal hor

The Black Library has several new releases coming out this week. From Death Guard to Perturabo’s childhood on Olympia, let’s see what they have!

2 New Chaos Datasheets Spotted for Imperial Armor!

khorne daemonkin sm wal chaosToday we’re getting a closer look at two amazing models for Chaos. Come take a look at the Renegade Knight Lancer and An’ggrath the Unbound.

BREAKING: New Primaris & Death Guard Models Spotted

primaris book cover horGames Workshop just announced the latest new products for 8th edition. Come see the two box sets featuring new Primaris Space Marine and Death Guard.

This was a great weekend for Warhammer fans everywhere! We got to see new releases from Black Library, all sorts of content related to the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, new rules from the Imperial Armour books, and Forge World revealed new miniature for The Hobbit. On a downside we did see a great army building app shutdown though…

What do you think about everything that happened over the weekend? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you for making us your go to source for the latest info on the hobbies we love.

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