5 Steps To Building a Lot of Terrain in No Time

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It’s only crazy if it doesn’t work. Come see the secrets to Hellfire Painting’s task of building a lot of terrain in a little amount of time!

This past weekend, the store was having a terrain building day to revamp the store’s collection and lay the groundwork for some of the terrain to be used at the Quebec City Open 2017.
The turnout was great, I was expecting 2-3 people, ended up with 8-10.
The guide below is pretty much the approach we took for the store’s day.  For the full article head over to Max’s blog, Hellfire Painting.
Our process is quite simple:
It’s pretty easy to do over the weekend, or, like the store, in a single day, specially that part 1 to 3 can be done ahead of time to get the most of your hobby day.
This step is quite important,  because it will shape up the rest of the work.  Rather than aimlessly working at a building and finding yourself at the end of the day with not much accomplished, you want to work towards something.
Assess what you do have in order to know what you want to get done. Know where you’re from to know where you’re going, all that jazz.
Sort these pieces in line with your goal – if you want to have a single table and you have 26 pieces of terrain, you might not need them.
3-  PLAN
Ah yes, we’re big on planning on this blog.  From building a LGS’s worth of terrain or a table for your beatslab, a mandatory step is having some sort of plan.
Plan your work; work your plan!
Planning is pretty simple, the two main criteria to look for are things that need to be done before others (primer before paint) and things that need to dry off (glue, flock, spray primer)
 Self censorship aside, this is where the three previous steps lead you comes game day!
There is not much to be said here, focus on the plan you’ve laid to get to your goal and don’t stop until you drop.
This is probably the most crucial part if you’re doing a lot of tables, like the game store. You can add this to the planning part, you need some form of storing for all your work.
For regular you’s and me’s, proper storing of your terrain allows you keep your terrain alive longer, and make a more efficient use of your beatslab.
 This step is quite important because it sets the stage for the next time you want to tackle terrain, wether it’s tomorrow or in 6 months, most of the 3 steps are taken care of by your carefully labeled terrain box.
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