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Sylvaneth hor wal

Welcome back Hobby Maniacs!  Today Kenny is going to show us how to keep busy working on your projects without waiting for your paint to dry!

Kenny is back with another of his awesome Beats Lab hacks!  Today were going to talk about ways to keep yourself busy and painting even while your paint is drying!  This process enables Kenny to get a lot of work done on a model without sitting around waiting for each layer to dry.  It can be dangerous, you have to pay close attention to where your hands are!  But it shaves a lot of waiting off the process!

Kenny is starting out on a Sylvaneth Spite Revenant.  He’s already done the bone, and is preparing to paint all the details. To begin, he picks the largest section of the model with the longest dry time and paints it.  In this case its the ‘spirit’ part of the model.  By applying an ultra thin layer of paint he will maintain all the details and get a super smooth finish when it is dry.

Purple Glaze

While he is waiting for the purple base to dry Kenny moves around the model laying down base coats for each of the main details he plans to paint.  Namely the Leaves and the Claws.

Moving back and forth between the main skin, the leaves and the claws; Kenny adds layers to each part whilst waiting for the others to dry.  Mixing in Airbrushing and thin layers of paint to ensure all the OSL effects and highlights are applied correctly and don’t override each other

moving completed

In just a short time Kenny has blocked in all the major details, and applied the bulk of the OSL and the highlights!

Moving around more

Check out the whole video in the link below for paint lists and detailed instructions!

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