Get Your Chaos Bat Wings From Kromlech

Chaos Raptors descend upon leathery wings to seal your doom! We’ve got incoming  Chaos jump packs from Kromlech. Now with wings! 

Chaos Legionary Winged Jump Pack $9.94

This set contains five pairs of resin Chaos Legionary Winged Jump Packs (enough for five miniatures). All jump packs are the same design.

These Winged Jump Packs will give your Chaos Raptors a more chaotic feel to them as they begin to mutate with the power from the Warp!

Death from above

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About the Author: Barclay Montgomery

I'm a weird guy wargamer and hobby enthusiast. I'm like the Thing, I can take many forms. I could be a bounty hunter looking for Rebel prey, a commander of an Imperial fleet, or the Hive Mind of the Great Devourer of Worlds.
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