New Rules Spotted For Age of Sigmar Fan Favorites

Vandus Khul ArtAge of Sigmar has got a rules update for a couple classic models. Come take a look at the latest rules for Vandus, the Bloodsecrator, and Korghos.

Warhammer Community put out new Warscrolls for Vandus Hammerhand, Korghos Khul, and the Bloodsecrator. Let’s see what they had to say about the new update for Age of Sigmar.

Great news for Warhammer Age of Sigmar fans! Today, we’re announcing Warscrolls for two legendary heroes you may already own, as well as making them available separately for the first time.

Throughout the Realmgate Wars, Khul and Hammerhand have distinguished themselves as rich characters, driven by the machinations of their masters and a very real personal enmity between the two. Vandus and Khul now have rules that reflect their prowess, rewarding narrative players with a reflection of how the realms have grown and changed in, and giving tactical players two new commanders with a host of new abilities to bring to their games.

Vandus Hammerhand Warscroll

Vandus Hammerhand provides a host of benefits to a Hammers of Sigmar army. You’ll be able to slot him into your battalions easily in the place of a Lord-Celestant, and he behaves much like he always has. As master of the Hammerhands, Vandus makes all Hammers of Sigmar within 24” of him ignore the effect of Battleshock, making him a valuable tactical lynchpin, while his command ability allows him to super-charge one nearby unit by gifting them bonus attacks. He’s lethal in combat too – his Tempestos Hammer, Heldensen, hits harder than before, and he retains his faithful Dracoth, Calanax.

Korghos Khul Warscroll

Korghos Khul is likewise improved and blends Khornate ferocity with a tribal warlord’s cunning. Capable of piling in an enormous 8” and attacking every Hero phase, few will be safe from the lord of the Goretide. Khul’s Gorelord ability is upgraded to allow him to charge into combat alongside his troops. Khul’s Flesh Hound, Grizzlemaw, still allows him a measure of magical defence against spellcasters with his Brass Collar. Khul is also boxed with a faithful Bloodsecrator – with their powers combined, even the smallest Khorne force becomes a dangerous pack of blood-mad killers.

Bloodsecrator Warscroll


The latest updates to these two iconic models are sure to make your next game a little more interesting. Korghos Khul and the Bloodsecrator are one heck of a combo to have teamed up together. The Bloodsecrator is giving all Khorne units within 18″ +1 to their Attacks after he plants the banner. At the same time you have Korghos’ command ability which lets you pick three Mortal Khorne units to roll three dice when charging and picking the two highest rolls.

Plant the banner, give those 20 Bloodreavers +1 attack, then charge in with three dice and hurt your opponents feelings hitting them with 41 attacks.

Vandus Hammerhand is going to be making the Stormcast a force to be reckoned with, even more so than they already are. If Vandus uses his command ability everyone within 6″ gets +1 to their attacks until their next round, and unlike the Bloodsecrator he can still join the fight.

What do you think about the updated rules for these iconic models? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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