New War Contraption Bases From Table-Art!

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WARMACHINE bases continues to roll out new bases and their new War Contraption bases are here. Let’s take look at what they have!

The nine new War Contraption bases are available in 60mm, 64mm, and 75mm. These bases are highly detailed and made from resin. These bases will look great with your WARMACHINE models.

War Contraption Bases – 60mm Cobblestone: €4 (75mm – €5.50)

Cobblestone warmachine

War Contraption Bases – 60mm Rubble: €4 (75mm – €5.50)

Rubble base warmachine

War Contraption Bases – 60mm thorn wall: €5 (75mm – €6.50)

Thornwall warmachine

War Contraption Bases – 64mm Sandsack position 1 and 2: €6.90 each

Sandstack Warmachine 1

Sandstack Warmachine 2

These bases are available now and the full listing for them can be found at

For more on the War Contraption bases and other kits, bits, and more, visit!

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