Re-Roll Gate & 8th Rules To Know: Episode 104

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What the heck is Reroll-Gate and what rules should you know about the new 8th Edition? Come see our thoughts on the new rules debates for Warhammer 40k.

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Team Long War: From left to right: Kenny Boucher, Stephen Fore, Rob Baer, and Mike Haspil


Re-Roll Gate & 8th Edition 40k Rules You Need To Know – Episode 104

Welcome to the Long War, a new place for bringing the hobby back to wargaming! A podcast hosted by Rob Baer, Kenny Boucher, Stephen Fore & Mike Haspil.

@4:45 Table Top Market Place

@8:59 Click Bait

@9:30 Live Tutorials

@12:46 Re-Roll Gate

@20:57 Reserves

@31:58 Flyers

@37:59 Assault

@45:22 Terrain


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