Valhallan Ice Warrior: 40k COSPLAY Flashback

By James Rodriguez | July 15th, 2017 | Categories: Cosplay, Picture of the Day, Warhammer 40k

russian cosplay valhalla

Wanna get inspired? This is NOT your run of the mill Cosplay folks, those Russians are super serious about their costumes!

Not only was this a photo shoot, BUT they also made a very high quality ‘post-shoot’ video to go along with it too.

SRMHUYn3V_wThere’s even more revealing pictures of the photo-shoot (Caution link may be NSFW). It’s very well done, but this is Russia, and be aware there is some skin shown.

I got a kick out of seeing a model shoot but with a 40k twist. You don’t see this sort of thing very often that’s for sure. Kudos to the team that put this together.

If you missed the Astartes Cosplay Version of this, you may want to check that out as well.

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