Creepy New Basing Bits & Terrain From HQ Resin

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HQ Resin Basing Bits

HQ Resin is bringing some brand new bits to help customize your bases and some terrain to add a ghoulish or toxic feel to your terrain.

Released on Hexy Shop, a pre-painted basing kit and two terrain kits are available to help spice up your table top experience. The Swamp Creature Basing kit comes with 12 pre-painted resin pieces to customize your bases and give them that extra detail that you want. The kit is ideal for 28mm-32mm bases and are suitable for any wargame setting. The Toxic Waste Barrels terrain kit come with 7 resin elements that are pre-painted and suitable for various sci-fi/modern settings. Last, we have the Gothic Tombstones kit that comes with 10 resin tombstones to add a ghoulish feel to your horror/grimdark/fantasy settings.


Gothic Tombstones

HQ Resin presents this highly detailed kit to enhance your immersion in the world of miniatures. This kit contains  10 resin gothic tombstones. Ideal for use with 28mm and 32mm scale models, suitable for various fantasy/grimdark/horror games and dioramas.

Chrome Knights models are not part of this set – show for scale purpose only.


Toxic Barrels

This kit contains 7 resin elements – metal toxic barrels. Ideal for use with 28mm and 32mm scale models. Products from the Hard City series fit for most popular miniature games and are suitable for various modern/Sci-Fi games and dioramas.


Swamp Basing Kit

This kit contains 13 resin elements:

Alligator (two parts: head and tail)
Large Lizard
Small Lizard
2 Large Toads
2 Frogs
Snake on a branch
two small parts with the Spiders (one with 1 spider, second with 3 spiders)
Boat Wreck

Ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models. Fit at most popular wargaming bases and is suitable for various games and almost any historic period (dark age, medieval, western, WWII) or fantastic worlds (fantasy, steampunk, etc.).

These kits are available now. Be sure to check out HQ Resin’s full offerings on Hexy!

For more on these great kits and other great bits and terrain, visit Hexy Shop!

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