GW Previews This Week’s Space Marine Pre-Orders

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Primaris Space MarinesGames Workshop gave us a preview of the new Primaris minis that will be going up for pre-order this week. Are you ready for the new Repulsor Tank?

We’ve been seeing the Apothecary, Chaplain, and Repulsor tank teased over the past couple of weeks, and they’re finally going up for pre-order.

Update: We have the new Space Marine Releases and pricing for this week:

GW’s New Primaris Releases & Pricing 


We made some predictions on the release schedule for August last week, so how does Games Workshops week 2 release for Space Marines stack up to our musings?

We know there are more Space Marine releases out there, as we have seen five out of these seven items teased already:

  • Repulsor Tank
  • Apothecary
  • Chaplain
  • Inceptor Multi-part Squad (plasma options teasers spotted)
  • Hellblaster Multi-part Squad (teaser pics spotted)
  • Interceptor Multi-part Squad (no known images yet)
  • Overlord Flyer* (no known images yet)

Of course the Overlord Flyer has only been rumored in fluff* but it could very well be the second plastic model option for transporting Primaris Space Marines.

Most likely, these will be the vanguard of a two to three week release cycle, with pre-orders starting on the 29th of July, and releasing starting on the 5th of August.

Now, let’s take a look at what Games Workshop had to say about this week’s pre-orders.

The Space Marines are about to get even deadlier – the Primaris Apothecary, Primaris Chaplain and the Repulsor tank are joining the reinforcements accompanying the new Space Marines codex.

The Primaris Chaplain is the latest imposing iteration of a classic Space Marine hero. His Mk X power armour has been decorated with the symbols of his office, including a grim-looking skull mask and a spiky iron halo. In one hand, he carries his signature crozius arcanum, while the other wields a high-calibre absolver bolt pistol – this is no mere sidearm, but a pretty nasty weapon in its own right. The Primaris Chaplain is naturally a brutal melee combatant and can drive Space Marines into a killing frenzy; we think he makes a nice companion, visually and tactically, to the Primaris Reivers.

Space Marine Chaplain

The Primaris Apothecary is a key support character for the Space Marines, and you’ll want one in your army to make the most out of your other units. The Primaris Apothecary can heal your multi-wound models, and even bring casualties back to the fight – this is great for your more elite infantry. The Apothecary model is packed with detail: vials containing the gene-seed of his brethren, advanced medical equipment and a reductor pistol. The reductor is designed to punch through Space Marine armour quickly and cleanly; in a pinch it can do much the same to the skull of a rampaging Ork Warlord and is a pretty nifty offensive weapon. (FYI – if you were wondering who the dead Space Marine was from the June 14th Rumour Engine, he’s from this model’s base.)

Space Marine Apothecary

The Repulsor is a brutal battle tank, an armoured firebase as much as a transport. To call this a skimmer would do it a disservice; the Repulsor grinds forward on a thrumming wave of force supporting a hull nearly as durable as the Land Raider. Offensively, the Repulsor can be equipped with a dizzying array of weaponry: gatling cannons, las-weapons, bolters, grenade launchers and rocket pods, while defensively, auto launchers confuse incoming fire while the repulsor field makes the tank harder to charge. This would be a threatening vehicle if it was just a battle tank, but it’s also capable of carrying a deadly cargo of 10 Primaris Space Marinesinto battle. Aggressors and other close-support units will particularly benefit from new deployment options like the Repulsor.



The new models are looking absolutely amazing, and from the sounds of it, they’re going to play a big role in Space Marine armies across the board.

Could our predictions have been accurate? Are we going to be seeing another two more weeks of Marine releases from Games Workshop? How are you going to be using these new units in your army? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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