GW Rumor Engines We Still Can’t Identify: LATEST

gw store rumor engineWith the release of 8th edition we’re going to take a look back at previous Rumor Engine posts that we have yet to see models for.

There might be something in recent announcements that may just spark an idea of what these could be? Starting oldest to newest, let’s take a look.

Rumour Engine 15th Feb 17

This image is looking a little Grim, don’t you think? Maybe now belonging to a Chaplain or Black Templar Marine?

Rumour Engine Mar 8

It could possibly be shattered ruins of some sort, possibly a Nagash?? Perhaps it’s digital as well?


Do the Dark Elf Shadowkin approach, or is this just a druchii trick?

Rumour Engine 29 Mar

Looks like an anchor of sorts. Possibly Dark Elves? Or is it the new Dwarves we’ve already seen??

Rumor Engine Apr 5

It looks like an old shell that’s been exposed to the elements. Possibly a decoration on a piece of armor? But who could it belong to?  Are the seafaring Shadowkin coming soon?

Rumour Engine Apr 12

So many legs! So Disgusting! A new beast of Nurgle or could this be something to accompany the new Death Guard line of minis from Games Workshop?

Rumor Engine 4-19

That looks like a rat tail if you ask us, and we have seen some Skaven rumors lately.

Rumour Engine April 26

This one almost threw us, but it has been seen, behold the cover of Index Xenos which explains Tau and Eldar on the same rune?

May 10 Rumour Engine

This could be anything… Possibly Stormcast? The new Skirmish game play is being previewed next week, so maybe we’ll see it there…

Rumour Engine May 17

A lion head? Are we going to be seeing the return of The Dark Angel, Lion El’ Jonson? Or is it the old White Lions for the High Elves?


Colorized Rumor Engine

This is probably one of the most difficult Rumor Engine pics we’ve seen so far. Maybe a tire or tank track of some sort? That looks like a rim on the right side.

Now let’s take a look at the same picture in color.

That looks really grimy and nasty, could it belong these Nurgle tanks that were spotted in the Death Guard preview video from Adepticon?

June 7 Rumour Engine

We’re seeing what looks like hair, or fur, and another tattered cape. We saw a tattered cape the previous week, could this be the other part of it?

May 31 Rumour Engine

Is this part of a wind torn cloak? Or a piece of scrap metal? Whatever it is, it appears to be an unpainted plastic component in this picture.

June 14 Rumour Engine

We’re looking at the fallen Primaris Space Marine we’ve seen so far. This looks to be part of a base, but who could it belong to?

June 21 Rumour Engine

This could be a number of things… Husks, pincers, a shoulder pad, or even something Nurgle related…

June 28 Rumour Engine

Is that a lion head with an Aquila in it’s mouth, or is that something related to the Stormcasts for Sigmar ? Possibly part of a chest plate?

Ooooh that one is a doozy. Are we looking at something for our Lord Nurgle, or perhaps those crazy swashbuckling seafaring Shadowkin in Age of Sigmar?

Rumour Engine July 12Look at that cache of grenades! But what’s that slot on top for? Could these be part of a base? Can you see someones foot on top of those?


This looks to be a really zoomed in version of some kind of tomb/crypt, the bone detail is very low which brings us to that assumption. But who could it belong to? Maybe it’s the top of a Staff or backpack, possibly belonging to a Chaplain?

There is still so much to be discovered.There are a lot of things on this list that look Nurgle related, but what about everything else? is anything new coming to mind when you take a second look at these? Is new Dark Elves, Shadowkin, and Black Templars still a possibility?

What do you think these could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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