Declare Your Gaming Independence: Happy 4th of July

By Rob Baer | July 4th, 2017 | Categories: Happy Holidays, Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors

4th of July warhammer 40k

Another year has gone by since our forefathers here in the United States penned their revolution against British oppression.

We’ll all be celebrating in the usually manner (at least here in America) with cookouts and such into the late evening hours when the fireworks go off.

In the gaming world a lot of similarities can still be drawn to what is happening currently, with the actions of our forefathers long ago.  Are you playing new games now, and getting away from that old European flavor?

age of sigmar stormcast cover book sm

Two years ago Age of Sigmar burst onto the scene, and just one year ago we got a new version of the very same game which changed everything again,

Plus of course we have what may be the most successful reboot of Warhammer 40k yet, in 8th Edition as Games Workshop tries to close the gap again with it’s competitors like Asmodee Games.marine 40k 8th edition space wal horPlus there is a a ton more games out there to play, with many many new ones appearing each month, all vying for your hobby dollars!

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Let us know how and if your gaming habits have changed over the last few years, and why. Today is your chance to pen your very own “Gaming Revolution”!

Have fun and stay safe this holiday folks!

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