Kromlech’s Dvergr Squat Commandos Are Here

Kromlech has updated their arsenal to include some really interesting new squatty models: the Dvergr Commandos! Come and check these guys out!

Dvergr Commando Special Weapon : Magma Gun $8.83

This set contains one high quality Dvergr Commando resin model armed with Magma Gun . Inside you will also find resin night vision goggles. One 25mm round plastic bases included. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.

These Magma Gun Dvergr Commandos would fit right in into a Kharadron Overlords army. Grab some to add to your arsenal today!


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About the Author: Barclay Montgomery

I'm a weird guy wargamer and hobby enthusiast. I'm like the Thing, I can take many forms. I could be a bounty hunter looking for Rebel prey, a commander of an Imperial fleet, or the Hive Mind of the Great Devourer of Worlds.
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