40k Mind Tricks: New Jet Pack Librarian Mini

By Juan Lopez | July 17th, 2017 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Tabletop Gaming

Sage of the Order

Trolls Under the Bridge have released a new jump pack mini that can wield psyker powers for his order. Come take a peek at the Sage of the Order.

The Sage of the Order is a jump pack psyker that pierces the darkness with his abilities. He comes in 28mm scale and is made from quality resin and metal. The level of detail is decent and there are several weapon bits on the Trolls site to upgrade with.

Sage of the Order with Jet-Pack: €10
Sage of the Order 1

Through the veil of darkness and ignorance only the gifted one can see the light! 

We bring you the model of Sage of the Order equipped with jet-pack. It’s complete model and you need to assembly and paint it. The set contains all parts necessary to complete the model with exception of the base.

Material is metal and resin.

Sage of the Order 2

This kit is available now and orders ship from Prague so it will take a few weeks for oversees shipping.

For more on the Sage of the Order and other custom miniatures, visit Trolls Under the Bridge!

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