New Miniatures Available From Terrible Kids

TerribleKidsStuff has released two new miniatures to celebrate the summer. Let’s take a look at these hot new minis.

Zhou Kha Tha and the Cleric are the newest releases from TerribleKidsStuff. Zhou Kha Tha is based on a 75mm base and the Cleric is on a 32mm base. Both models are made from resin with Zhou Kha Tha appearing to have slightly more intricate detail than the Cleric. There a limited amount of these models available so be sure to snap them up if you have to have them.


Zhou Kha Tha side

Code: TKSL07 – Limited edition: 100 copies

Illustrator: Roberto Cirillo

Sculptor: Lukasz Krysa

Painter: Sergio Calvo Rubio

Material: Resin (Grx Créations)

Scale: 1:24 (75mm)

Note: sold unassembled, unpainted and base not included

Zhou Kha Tha box




Code: NK3204 – Limited edition: 100 copies

Concept artist: Danny Cruz – Sculptor: Christian Hardy

Material: Resin (GRX Créations) – Scale: 1:54 (32mm)

Note: sold unassembled, unpainted and base not included

Cleric back

For more on Zhou Kha Tha, the Cleric, and other models, visit TerribleKidsStuff!

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