New Reivers Tactics, Abilities, & Wargear Breakdown

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Games Workshop just put out a tactics post for the new Primaris Reivers, highlighting their weapons, wargear, and special abilities. Come check it out.

The new Primaris Reivers have been the talk of the community since they were announced. Today Games Workshop revealed a little bit more information on them.

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In your army, Reivers make for a potent and durable anti-infantry choice, with particular efficacy against large shooting units that rely on weight of numbers or a powerful overwatch attack to discourage attackers.

Reivers possess the same strength and durability as the rest of the Primaris Space Marines – like Intercessors, they have an additional Wound and an additional Attack compared to a standard Tactical Marine representing their enhanced physiology. In addition to this, these warriors have the same armour saves as other power-armoured units, so they’re going to require some concerted effort to displace and should be able to last a long time in combat against any unit that lacks armour piercing weaponry.

So the Reivers are going to work well against large shooting units that rely on numbers or overwatch. They’re going to have an additional Wound and Attack compared to the normal Tactical Marine, as well as the same armor saves as other power-armored units.


For weapons, the Reivers are equipped with heavy bolt pistols and combat blades.

Each Reiver will be attacking 3 times in the fight phase, meaning that even a small squad has a high potential damage output. Compared to an Assault Squad, you’re trading the ability to take special weapons for more Wounds and more Attacks. The heavy bolt pistols are very useful – unlike most pistol carrying units, these aren’t just an additional free shooting attack but also modify the enemy’s saves by -1

40k Reiver Tactica TerrainThey’re coming equipped with heavy bolt pistols and combat blades, and attack three times in the fight phase. Not only are they durable, but they also seem like they’re going to have a high damage output.

Where the Reivers really shine is with their special issue wargear and abilities. The shock grenade, in particular, makes the Reivers very dangerous, as it prevents enemies from firing overwatch and subtracts 1 from their hit rolls. Used to directly support the Reivers and other assault units, this is a great way to mitigate your opponent’s defences against charges, such as units that possess additional Ballistic Skill when firing overwatch or flamers. By modifying hit rolls, these also allow the Reivers to maximise their effectiveness as disruption units, using their grenades to weaken one shooting unit and then charging another to tie it up in combat.

With the shock grenades, overwatch units are going to have a tough time getting Reivers down before they reach them. The shock grenades are going to subtract 1 from their hit rolls on top of preventing them from firing overwatch. This is going to be very useful when dealing with an army that has a lot of shooting units.

The signature rule of the Reivers is called Terror Troops and represents their terrifying presence on the battlefield. In-game, this forces nearby enemy units to subtract 1 from their Leadership.

It looks like the skulls faces are inflicting fear into your opponents troops with the Terror Troops ability, subtracting 1 from their Leadership. This is going to come in clutch when they are taking their moral tests, that could be the difference between the unit making it to the next round, and being taken out right then and there.


Yesterday, Games Workshop teased the points for the Reivers, as well as their weapons.

The new models for the Primaris are now on pre-order and will be available on July 15th. Games Workshop has just released their point values so you can go ahead and start working them into your lists. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

You’ll be able to find rules and points for the Poxwalkers, Plague Marines and Intercessors in their respective indexes, while Reivers will have their rules in their box. You’ll also be able to add these guys to your matched play games and your Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Deathwatch armies with our rules PDF.

Primaris Captain Librarian Reiver Squads

The Reiver Squad is coming in at 18 points per model, so a squad of five will end up costing you 90 points, with the heavy bolt pistol and shock grenades being free to take. Once again the Primaris Captain is going to cost you 87 points and the Librarian is coming in at 93 points.

All in all these models aren’t too expensive to add to your army, and the Reivers are definitely seeming like they’re going to be worth the points you pay per model. We’ll find out for sure though when they reveal the rules.

There’s a couple special rules to note if you want to take these models in your other factions.  Dark Angels Primaris Librarians gain the Deathwing keyword and the Unforgiven Ability. Space Wolves Primaris Librarians generate their powers from the Tempestas discipline instead on the Librarius discipline.

How are you going to use these new models in your army? Let us know in the comments below.

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