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By Mihalis Skalkos | July 11th, 2017 | Categories: Conversion Corner, Home of Cadaver, Orks, Warhammer 40k

Come take a look at this showcase of an amazing Ork conversion, and find out what went into making this project. You’re not going to want to miss this.

Hello everyone! Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver

Wazdakka Gutzmek

Following my latest ork craze I have decided to revisit some of my ancient conversions that I feel very proud of. If you follow my little piece of the internet here more regularly, you may have already noticed my Ork Mek Jetbike I have posted some time ago.

This time I took the time to modernize a conversion so old, that it is not valid with the current fluff anymore but I don’t give a rats ass about that 😛

I present to you, my version of Wazdakka Gutzmek, the infamous Evil Suns speed freak

Back in the day, Wazzdakka was nothing more than a crazy mek loving to customize his bike, in such an extent that he created the most weird Ork bike, even for Ork standards. He rarely leaves the saddle, practically living on his bike, having his trusty grot assistant Fixit on his side, always looking for someone to hire them for some spare parts and teef to spend on his bike, or some high octane squig fuel.

His bike was fitted with a Battlecannon (yes you heard this right) in addition to his autocannons (back in the day, Ork bikes had twin linked autocannons). I had decided to use an old smasha gun instead of a battlecannon because it looked so cool, and count it as one.

The other major conversion job, apart from the rest of the bike of course, was the face of Wazdakka. I based him on an Ork Nob, and I tried to make him stand out sculpting googles and a big squig beard, a sign of someone living constantly on the road!

The fluff of Wazdakka has changed since then, loosing his bad ass battlecannon, but gaining an even more badass backstory than before. I may eventually make a newer version of him but I love the old school feel of this conversion.

The base is 3D printed, giving me much more space for a nice simple scenic setting, giving me the opportunity to make it even more dynamically posed, seeming to be landing from a big jump.

Hope you like him as much as I do, bear in mind this is a rather old paintjob and conversion work so be easy on me 😛

I would love to hear what you think in the comments below, plus leave me a vote on Coolminiornot as usual if you have the time.

Till next time, take care!

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