Top 10 Rules You’re Getting Wrong In 8th Edition 40k?

By James Rodriguez | July 12th, 2017 | Categories: Editorial, Warhammer 40k

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Is it time to revise how your playing 8th Edition? Come see our picks for the 10 8th Edition rules you may be getting wrong.

If you’re a veteran player trying to break the habit of 7th Edition 40k, this document is for you!

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Q. When shooting with models, do I measure ranges from the model’s weapons, or from its base (or hull, if it’s a vehicle without a base)?

A. Distances are measured from the closest point of the model’s base (or from the closest point of the vehicle’s hull if it does not have a base) to the closest point of the target’s base (or hull).


Q. Does my psyker need to be visible to the enemy psyker manifesting the psychic power to attempt to Deny the Witch?

A. No. The psyker just needs to be within 24″ of them.

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Q. If a Vehicle model has a base, but it is itself larger than the base (such as a Stormraven Gunship), what do I measure to – the base or the hull of the vehicle?

A. Unless such a model’s datasheet has an ability saying otherwise, you measure to and from the model’s base.


Q. Is there any limit on the number of enemy units I can choose as targets of a charge?

A: No – so long as all the targets of the charge are within 12″, you can declare as many targets of a charge as you like.


Q. Can I use a Soulburst action to charge in the Fight phase and fight in the same phase?

A: No.unit that uses a Soulburst action to charge in the Fight phase cannot then fight in that phase.

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Q. Can a unit that Advances or Falls Back embark within a transport? What about if the transport has moved before – can a unit still embark inside?

A. Yes, yes and yes (remember though that a transport cannot both embark and disembark units in the same turn).


Q. Do models that are still embarked within a transport count as being in range of an objective marker if their transport is within range of it?

A. No.


Q. If I charge a transport that has the Open-topped ability, can units that are embarked inside also fire Overwatch at the charging unit?

A. No



Q. Do units have to pile in and consolidate?

A. No, these extra moves are optional.


Q. Can a single-model unit declare charges against multiple units?

A. Yes. A single model can declare charges against several units, even if it would be impossible to finish the charge within 1″ of all of them.

Doing so gives you more choices on where to actually move, depending upon your subsequent charge roll, but leaves you vulnerable to more Overwatch.

How many of these were you getting wrong in your games? I know messed up a few for sure.

Tons more I am sure are on the way from this one folks, keep your eyes peeled as we break these bad boys down one by one. Thanks to Games Workshop for putting out more great clarifications on 8th Edition, dropping these FAQs for us, and continuing to take the lead by listening to the community.

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