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The new General’s Handbook is due to release in a couple days and with it comes new battalions. Checkout the latest battalion rules that were just spotted.

The new General’s Handbook will be available everywhere this weekend, but some people have already got their hands on it.

Scanner just sent us some of the new battalions that are going to be available, as well as a warscroll update.

From this list it looks like all the existing battletomes except Skaven Pestilences (Nurgle themed) have now received new battalions in the post General’s Handbook ’16 format.

Checkout all six new battalions from the Generals Handbook 2017 here

With the warscroll update for the Grundstok Thunderers we’re seeing a new rule for the weapons they can take. For every 5 models in the units one Thunderer can instead equip an Aetheric Fumigator, another can equip an Aethercannon, and another can equip a Grundstok Mortar. This is a big change from the entire unit being able to take the same weapon.


The Greyfyrd Lodge is a Warscroll for the Fyreslayers and is comprised of 1 Lords of the Lodge and 1 Warrior Kindband (Must contain 1 unit of Vulkite Berzerkers). It can also contain 0-2 of the following: Warrior Kinband, Forge Brethren, or any number of additional Fyreslayer units. If the battalion contains the maximum number of battalions it gains the Dour and Fearless ability from the Grand Fyrd warscroll battalion.

The ability for Greyfyrd Lodge is Mercenary Wanderers which allows you to put a unit to the side and say it’s using the obstinite mountain portal and attempt to set it up at the start of any of your movement phases. On a 1 the unit does not arrive, 2-5 you can set the unit up within 6″ of the edge of the battlefield and 9″ from any enemy units not in enemy territory, and on a 6 you can set the unit up within the same distances but anywhere in enemy territory.


The Seraphon are getting the Fangs of Sotek battalion. It consists of 1 Slann Starmaster (Zectoka), 1 Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur (Ku-Quar), and 1 Sunclaw Starhost. It may also contain 0-4 of the following: Sunclaw Starhost, Firelance Starhost, Eternal Starhost, Thunderquake Starhost, or any number of additional Seraphon units. If the battalion contains the maximum number of battalions it gains the Strategic Mastery ability from the Starbeast Constellation warscroll.

This battalion is getting three different abilities. First to Battle lets you add 3″ to the Move characteristic of all Fangs of Sotek units apart from Zectoka in the first battle round. First Oldblood lets Ku-Quar use his Ancient Warlord  command ability even if he’s not the arm general. However, if he is the general he can use it in addition to one other command ability. The Bellowing Carnosaur ability is going to allow you to add 1 to the dice roll when using Ku-Quar’s Bloodroar ability.


Checkout all six new battalions from the Generals Handbook 2017 here

WWWWWAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the Ironjawz Ironsunz battalion. It’s comprised of 1 Megaboss on Maw-krusha and 1 Ironfist with 5 units. You may also add in 0-4 of the following: Brutefist, Gorefist, Ardfist, Ironfist, or any number of additional Ironjawz units. If the Ironsunz battalion contains the maximum number of battalion it gains the Big Waaagh ability.

On a 3+, rolled after both sides have set up but before the first battle round begins, the Dakkbad’s Cunning ability is subtracting 1 from the hit rolls of attacks made by enemy units in the first battle round. Dakkbad’s Bashing makes it so the Dakkbad Grotkicker counts as already having slain an enemy Hero before the battle starts, with the weapon of your choice from those listed, for the purpose of his Strength from Victories ability.

The new battalions look like they’re going to be adding a little more planning to list building and how you’re going to use your army. The rest of the battalions can be found over on Spikey Bits hobbies courtesy of Scanner.

What do you think about the latest battalions for Age of Sigmar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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